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Dennis Smith
Partner, Founding Member
Licensed in California and District of Columbia
Dan Bokemper
Negotiations Manager
Catherine Blaber
Licensed in Nevada, California & Oregon
Matt Burch
Licensed in Mississippi
Steve Donner
Licensed in Missouri
Frank Blanco
Licensed in Florida
Jayson Braude
Licensed in Washington
Bill Pauley
Licensed in Kentucky
Michelle McCurdy
Licensed in Pennsylvania
Todd Arnold
Partner, Founding Member
Licensed in Oklahoma and Arizona
Kadijah McNeill
Licensed in North Carolina
Robert Titus
Compliance Attorney
Licensed in Kansas, Texas, & Missouri
Tom Applewhite
Licensed in Missouri & Illinois
Leonard Englander
Licensed in Maryland
Karyn Price
Licensed in Indiana
Owen Flynn
Licensed in Massachusetts
Theresa Anne Carey
Licensed in Wisconsin
Andrew Belofsky
Licensed in New York
Kare Adams

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