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Bill Pauley
Licensed in Kentucky

Bill Pauley graduated Transylvania University in 1996.  From there, he received a full scholarship to attend Salmon P. Chase College of Law.  While attending law school, he worked as a legal clerk for The Northern Kentucky Legal Aid Society.  After graduation, he was employed as an attorney for Kentucky’s Department for Public Advocacy, representing indigent clients in various court proceedings.  Following that, he worked in a mid-sized law firm practicing foreclosure law before returning to the Department of Public Advocacy.  He also has experience with Municipal Law, such as grant distribution and a multitude of other issues facing our cities and counties, from his time at Kentucky’s Department for Local Government.  He has also served as a member of the Fiscal Services Committee of the Ronald McDonald House of the Bluegrass.


As the father of two children, Bill hopes to contribute to his community and to use his position to help those in need.


He is licensed to practice in Kentucky and the Eastern District of Kentucky’s Federal Courts.

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